SINC2 NEWSLETTER | November 2021

3rd SINC2 Symposium

November 3rd | Hotel Zenit | Room MR2-3

Carrer General Brito, 21 25007 Lleida

Event Program

Welcome and presentation of the state of the network
Vicky Puig, ICN2, Barcelona
Is your gaze your aim? Eye position in reward gambling and the role of OFC in encoding the value of visually cued offers.
Demetrio Ferro, UPF, Barcelona
Role of astrocyte-neuron signaling in major depressive disorder.
Candela González, Cajal Institute, Madrid
Perceptual decisions results from the accumulation of unpredicted sensory evidence.
Alexandre Hyafil, CRM, Barcelona
Data Blitz
P. Abad-Pérez, N. Pollán, MT. Romero-Barragan, T. Oña, Ll. Hernández
Large-scale network interactions in visual cognition.
Prof. Satu Palva, University of Helsinki, Helsinki
Cofee break
Joint replay of correlated place maps in hippocampus.
Emma Roscow, CRM, Barcelona
Epileptic seizure prediction with a LSTM network.
Ángel Canal, Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca
Data Blitz
J. Alegre-Cortés, I. González-Burgos, J. Ramírez-Ruiz, AP. Zamani,D. Duque
Prefrontal-hippocampal circuit alterations and rescue in a mouse model of schizophrenia.
Cristina Delgado, IMIM, Barcelona
NMDAr blocking by MK801 produces specific oscillatory changes in the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex impairing working memory and place cell firing.
Pablo Abad, UMH-CSIC, Alicante
Event closing
Vicky Puig, ICN2, Barcelona
Miguel Valencia, FIMA/UN, Pamplona


Dear Colleagues,

This past year has posed extraordinary challenges to all of us. We are all exhausted of the COVID-19 pandemic and willing to be back to our normal lives. This may come to a reality soon as more and more of us get vaccinated. The next biannual meeting of the Spanish Neuroscience Society is planned to be held in Lleida from the 3rd to the 5th of November 2021. If the number of attendees is high enough, the meeting will be held in person! We are very excited about the possibility to meet you all again in person this November, so I encourage all of you to attend the 19th SENC Meeting 2021.

In fact, I really hope we can all meet during the 3rd Symposium of the SINC2 network planned for the morning of the 3rd of November in Lleida. We have submitted to the SENC Program Committee a Satellite event similar to the one we held in Santiago de Compostela in 2019. Briefly, we will select six abstracts from all the abstracts submitted and a Travel Award worth 100€ will be awarded to the best submitted work. In addition, we are excited to announce that Prof. Satu Palva from the University of Helsinki has accepted our invitation to be our Plenary Speaker. Prof. Palva conducts exciting research in the fields of systems and cognitive neuroscience at the preclinical and clinical levels. You can find more detailed information about her lab here.

Due to the pandemic, the activities of the SINC2 network were halted this past year. However exciting workshops and symposiums are planned for the next months! Please take look at the Workshop on Evolving Neural Networks organized by researchers at IDIBAPS in Barcelona (see below). This workshop will be virtual and is planned for the 17th of June 2021.

Finally, we inform you that Adrià Tauste (UPC, Barcelona) will step down as co-Chair of the SINC2 network at the end of the year. Miguel Valencia from CIMA in Pamplona will become the new co-Chair. Miguel brings to the network deep insight into Systems Neuroscience. He will be involved in the organization of the 3rd SINC2 Symposium. Thomas Gener will continue to serve as our Secretary.

A final reminder that the SINC2 mission is to bring together computational, systems and cognitive neuroscientists in Spain. To that end, it is important that we keep an updated list of members and try to reach all the interested labs in Spain. Therefore, I ask you to forward this message to any technician, student, researcher or principal investigator that may be willing to join us. I also ask the principal investigators to notify me of any changes in the composition of their teams so we can update the map of members in the SINC2 website. You can contact me directly at

I hope that you and your loved ones are in good health. I look forward to discussing with you in person new and exciting research in Lleida this coming November.

Yours sincerely,

Vicky Puig

Chair SINC2 Network