SINC2 NEWSLETTER | September 2023

4th SINC2 Symposium

September 8th | Palacio de Congresos | Room 3

P.º del Violón, 18006 Granada

Event Program

Welcome and presentation of the state of the network
Vicky Puig, ICN2, Barcelona
Interhemispheric serial dependence in working memory in prefrontal cortex.
Melanie Tschiersch, IDIBAPS, Barcelona
Open hardware implementation for real-time phase and amplitude estimation .
Jose Ángel Ochoa, CIMA/UN, Pamplona
Spinal cord injury alters cortical excitability of the deafferented somatosentory cortex in a layer- and time-dependent manner.
Marta Zaforas, Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos, Toledo
Short Talks
A. Mahrach, I. González-Burgos, P. Ye
Neuronal substrates of action gating in the midbrain.
Juan Mena-Segovia, Rutgers University, Newark
Cofee break
Vision vs. Inhibition: The Cortical Duel during Visual Flow Perturbations
Claudio Mirasso, UIB, Mallorca
Unravelling the map of corticostriatal inhibitory projections
Jorge Maldonado, UMH-CSIC, Alicante
Short Talks
A. Alonso, J. Yanguas-Mayo
The role of mid-frontal theta oscillations in value-biased objective decisions
CAlice Vidal, UPF, Barcelona
A computer vision framework for 3D human hand movement evaluation: potential applicability in movement disorders
Miguel Valencia, CIMA/UN, Pamplona
Event closing
Vicky Puig, ICN2, Barcelona
Miguel Valencia, CIMA/UN, Pamplona


Dear Colleagues,

The next biannual meeting of the Spanish Neuroscience Society is planned to be held in Granada the day prior to the beginning of the IBRO congress, on Friday the 8th of September 2023. As in previous editions, the SINC2 network has a morning allocated to its activities. This will be the 4th SINC2 Symposium since its launch in 2015.

This year however is very special! As the SENC meeting precedes the IBRO congress, we expect a higher attendance to our symposium and more international attendees, so please submit your abstract! We are organizing a Satellite event similar to the ones we held in previous SENC meetings. Briefly, we will select six abstracts to give 20-minute talks. The rest of the abstracts will have the opportunity to present their poster in a Data Blitz session (2-minute presentations, less than 3 slides). As in previous editions, we will try that all researchers willing to can present their work to the SINC2 community. Don’t miss this opportunity! Deadline for abstract submission is Friday May 19th 2023.

A reminder that the SINC2 mission is to bring together computational, systems and cognitive neuroscientists in Spain. To that end, it is important that we keep an updated list of members and try to reach all the interested labs in Spain. Therefore, we ask you to forward this message to any technician, student, researcher, or principal investigator that may be willing to join us. We also ask the principal investigators to notify us of any changes in the composition of their teams so we can update the map of members in the SINC2 website and the mailing list. You can contact us directly at Remember that you can use the SINC2 network to broadcast job openings and organize scientific events relevant to our community all year long.

We look forward to discussing with you in person new and exciting research in Granada this coming September 2023.

Yours sincerely,

Vicky Puig and Miguel Valencia

Chair and co-Chair SINC2 Network